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Equine Total Joint Complex


Introducing beneficial bacteria to the digestive system of an animal is essential to create an efficient digestive environment. Use ProMax Multi to jumpstart animal health with DFMs (direct-fed microbials) any time immune system support is needed to to establish a healthy digestive system. ProMax Multi provides stabilized live lactic acid bacteria with the inclusion of inulin and vitamins in an easy-to-administer paste.

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To maintain a healthy body and appearance, a horse needs balanced components daily.  Equine Total Joint Complex contains components your horse needs to help strengthen hooves, promote a healthy coat, improve joint health, and boost immunity.  Equine Total Joint Complex brings together the four most preferred supplements in one pail, ensuring that your horse has the basic foundation for overall health and wellness.  Whether your horse is a competitive horse, travels frequently, or is primarily a pleasure horse, ensure that your horse gets all of the essential components daily with Equine Total Joint Complex.

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