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Energy is critical for horses to obtain optimum growth and achieve overall health and appearance.

Energy is critical for horses to obtain optimum growth and achieve overall health and appearance; however, some diets high in soluble carbohydrate levels (grains) have been linked to the development of Orhopedic disease, Colic, and Laminitis.

Equine Health E Oil contains easily digested calories that are absorbed in the small intestine not requiring any fermentation in the cecum and colon, keeping performance horses cooler in the summer and greatly reducing the incidence of colic and laminitis

Product Information:

Features & Benefits
  •  Helps to increase fat content in lactating mares milk for faster growing foals
  • Supports body condition and weight gain in all ages of horses
  • Contains 1,000 IU per pound of Food Grade Natural Vitamin E for immune system and recovery time after intense training
  • Helps reduce incidence of colic and laminitis
  • Helps decrease feed dust by 98% with 40 pounds per ton of grain mix and can eliminate the need for liquid molasses in the mix
  • Over 2.25 times the calories of shell corn very easily digested
When to Use
  • After intense training
  • For Senior horses
  • In lactating mares
  • To support weight gain
  • For coat shine
  • In growing foals and weanlings
  • High performance horses
How to Use

Equine Health E Oil

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Top-dress on oats or grain daily. Shake well before each use.

Purpose (Rate per 1,000 lbs of body weight):
Coat Support: 2-4 oz
Increase daily energy intake: 4 oz
Lactating Mares: 6-8 oz
Performance Horses: 8-10 oz
Foals and Weanlings: 1 oz per 250 lbs of body weight

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