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Stable Complete

Stable Complete

Stable Complete – 25 lb

A daily feed supplement designed for the overall well-being of your performance horse.

Stable Complete is a daily health supplement designed to support the overall health and well being of your horse.  Stable Complete provides a supplemental source of minerals, amino acids, and vitamins to support a strong immune system.  Give your horse all the advantages that superior nutrition can provide by adding Stable Complete to the daily ration.


Product Information:

Features & Benefits
  • High levels of vitamins to support immune system function
    ●  Provides minerals that are important for bone health
    ●  Contains amino acids that are essential for muscle maintenance in horses
    ●  Concentrated source of calories for performance horses
When to Use

●   As a daily supplement for performance horses
●   As an energy source for high performance horses

How to Use

Stable Complete

Equine Stable Complete can be blended into complete feeds at the rate of 12.5 pounds per ton.  For individual feeding, feed 1 to 2 ounces of Stable Complete per head per day.​

Stable Complete

Crude Protein  Min  16.25%
 Lysine  Min  0.72%
Methionine  Min  0.19%
 Crude Fat  Min  2.75%
 Crude Fiber  Max  11.00%
 Calcium  Min  3.00%
Calcium  Max  4.00%
 Phosphorus  Min  2.65%
 Salt  Min  1.00%
Salt  Max  1.5%
 Magnesium  Min  0.25%
Potassium  Min  1.00%
 Iron  Min 1.00%
 Manganese  Min  1200 ppm
 Iodine  Min 50 ppm
​Selenium  Min  15 ppm
​Vitamin A  Min  250,000 IU/lb