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Natu-Lax Digestive product

Natu-Lax – 5 lb

An apple-cinnamon flavored pellet supplement for horses, containing 99% pure psyllium to be used prior to or in the presence of colic.

Horses that are prone to colic events or live in sandy regions need extra support to ensure that their digestive system remains healthy. Equine Natu-Lax can be used as part of a regular maintenance program to help avoid colic events. Made from high quality psyllium husks and seeds, Equine Natu-Lax is a premium product that helps to move indigestive material through horses. Horses love the highly palatable apple cinnamon flavor, and horse owners love its convenient pelleted formula. Adding Equine Natu-Lax to feed on a regular, monthly basis is an easy way to maintain digestive health for your horse.

Equine Natu-Lax…

Product Information:

Features & Benefits

• Premium quality psyllium seeds and husks
• Highly palatable apple cinnamon flavor
• Fast acting swell factor that creates the instant
lubrication that a horse needs
• Convenient, easy-to-use pellet
• Supports gut health
• By administering Equine Natu-Lax regularly,
horses of all ages may assist in avoiding issues caused by buildup of indigestible materials
• The lubricating action supports movement indigestible material safely through horses of all ages

When to Use
  • Daily or as part of a monthly maintenance program
    • For horses that live in sandy climates and regularly ingest sand and debris
    • For horses that are on stall rest
    • For use during worming
    • For post-operative horses
    • To encourage a healthy digestive system
How to Use

Equine Natu-Lax


Natu-Lax (pellets and powder)

Initial Use –
​For horses that have never been given a product for sand colic, give one scoop daily for thirty days, continuing with a monthly maintenance from there forward.
Monthly maintenance –
Give one scoop daily for seven days of every month.
​(repeat monthly)
For use when sand colic is present or for horses at
​greater risk –

Give 2 scoops daily, consult your veterinarian for further recommendations

Equine Natu-Lax

 Psyllium Seed Husk  Min  98.90%

Why is psyllium use important for horses?

High grade psyllium products are essential in helping reduce the chance of colic related incidences in your horse. TechMix, LLC uses only the highest quality, purest form of psyllium, to ensure sand and other foreign material is effectively removed from your horse’s intestinal tract. Whether used daily, once a month, or post-surgical, our Natu-Lax product is designed to be effective, safe and gentle on your horse’s intestinal tract.

How can we reduce the occurrence of sand colic?

To help reduce the occurrences of sand colic it is important to provide adequate amounts of fiber, fresh water, and help restore proper nutrient absorption. We’ve developed a Sand Colic Protocol that outlines a 16 day program to help restore gut health and minimize the negative nutritional effects of colic.


5 lb – $37.00

Natu-Lax Digestive product

Natu-Lax Pellets
20 lb – $97.00

Natu-Lax Digestive product