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Enteric Colloid

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Equine Enteric Colloid

Pail – 5 lb

A powdered, natural psyllium fiber colloid for improved digestive health, recommended by veterinarians.

When a horse can’t eat or drink due to a colic event, it’s important to find quick relief. Equine Enteric Colloid’s stomach tube application method is an extremely effective way to provide fast lubricating support for the digestive tract. For over 20 years, veterinarians have used this psyllium-based product to engulf the sand and small debris that are often the cause of a colic event. Use Equine Enteric Colloid to help combat digestive issues.

Equine Enteric Colloid…

*TechMix offers psyllium in various forms. Equine Natu-Lax is available in both powder and pellet and Enteric Colloid is our powdered, veterinarian approved formula.

Product Information:

Features & Benefits
  •  Helps maintain normal digestive tract micro-flora with microbial-yeast-enzyme fortification
    • Water dispersible for stomach-tube application
    • Fast acting stool softener
    • Provides digestive tract lubrication
    • Promotes relief from a colic event
    • Designed for horses of any age
When to Use

• After consuming dirt, sand, or other indigestible materials to help address digestive upset and discomfort
• When feeding on sandy soil or on the ground
• To provide quick stool-softening action
• To promote digestive tract lubrication
• To restore and fortify the digestive tract
• When a horse is on stall rest or exercise is limited due to illness or injury
• After surgery

How to Use

Equine Enteric Colloid

For adult horses that habitually eat sand or other indigestible feedstuffs, feed 4-6 ounces of EQUINE ENTERIC COLLOID twice daily with the regular ration.  Continue providing for 7-10 consecutive days and repeat as needed.  Adjust the amount of EQUINE ENTERIC COLLOID proportionately to the size of the horse.

For horses and ponies that have consumed a large amount of sand, diret or indigestible feedstuffs at one time, EQUINE ENTERIC COLLOID should be given via stomach tube by preparing a suspension.  Stir or mix 8 ounces of EQUINE ENTERIC COLLOID with 2-3 quarts of water for horses between 600 and 900 pounds body weight.  Give EQUINE ENTERIC COLLOID immediately after preparing suspension and adjust the amount provided proportionally to the size of the horse.

After providing EQUINE ENTERIC COLLOID via stomach tube, give EQUINE ENTERIC COLLOID for 5-7 days as a top dress on the grain ration.

SCOOP ENCLOSED: Measures 4 ounces when level.

Equine BlueLite (powder)

Crude Protein  Min  4.00%
Crude Fat  Min  7.00%
Crude Fiber  Max 10.00%
 Calcium (Ca)  Min  1.00%
 Calcium (Ca)  Min  1.50%
 Phosphorus (P)  Min  1.00%
 Sodium (Na)  Min  0.20%
Sodium (Na)  Max  0.70%

My horses sometimes consume sand and other things that aren’t good for them. What can I do to ease the resulting digestive distress?

Equine Enteric Colloid is a gentle, enteric formulation specifically designed for horses that habitually consume abnormal or excessive amounts of sand and other indigestible materials. It is made from a powdered, natural psyllium fiber colloid that promotes improved digestive health.

How is this product different from other psyllium products?

Made from the finest psyllium seeds and husks to provide quick-acting lubrication in a finely ground form, the ground, powdery form allows multiple uses; easily absorbable for veterinarian use via nasal tube or highly palatable for owners to use on a regular basis. Either way, your horse is being treated with a psyllium source that is safe and effective, the one most veterinarians recommend and trust.

How would Equine Enteric Colloid help my horses?

When consumed, this natural colloid forms a mucilaginous, lubricating, dispersable film as it comes in contact with the liquid ingesta of the digestive tract. Equine Enteric Colloid promotes digestive tract lubrication with a quick stool-softening action.


Enteric Colloid
5 lb – $38.00