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Build-Bac Equine Digestive product


Keeping a horse’s digestive system populated with beneficial bacteria is a great way to ensure that the horse has a balanced digestive environment.

By creating that balance, you create feed intake consistency to better utilize vitamins and minerals, boost their natural immune system, and maintain overall health and body condition.  Help to create a normal digestive environment by giving your horse Equine Live Bac, a probiotic powder that can quickly infuse the gut with the live bacteria cells and active enzymes needed to aid in the digestion of nutrients.  You can tell that Equine Build Bac is different the minute you open the bag; the difference it will make in your horse’s digestive health is equally as evident.

TechMix Equine digestive products contain the essential  live bacterial cells and active enzymes designed to quickly populate the intestinal tract any time that gut balance needs to be restored.  After times of illness or for a young horse, Equine digestive products help to repopulate the gut with the good bacteria to help improve feed intake and digestion.  These products can be used any time that a horse is transported and faces a change of housing or environment.  They can be used any time that a horse needs a boost to help regain better digestive health.

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