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K9 Restart - energy product

K9 Restart – 2.75 lb.

When Your Dog Needs Extra Energy to Recover.

K9 Restart® is the all-in-one product you can use to help make your hard-working dog its best.  For the canine athlete it can be used at all stages of activity. If you are looking to prime your dog with pre-workout energy, enhance performance during a workout or maximize recovery after the activity, K9 Restart is the perfect product for your dog.  For digestive issues caused by stress, travelling, or post-surgery, K9 Restart can be used to help stabilize the gut and allow it to better absorb essential nutrients.

K9 Restart contains a specialized blend of carbohydrates to provide the needed energy to maximize performance and replace the loss of key nutrients.  In addition, it contains high-quality proteins and amino acids necessary to replenish and repair the body.  K9 Restart helps to keep your dog’s intestinal tract working to break down and deliver vital performance nutrition with an unique blend of digestive enzymes and gut stabilizers.

Product Features: 

Features & Benefits
  • Blend of carbohydrates, including maltodextrin, to provide sustained energy and to replenish muscle glycogen stores
  • Amino acids to aid in muscle recovery
  • Contains energy sources to aid the performance for hard working dogs
  • Loaded with calories for those dogs that won’t eat on working days
  • Digestive enzymes and gut stabilizers to help promote a healthy digestive tract and nutrient utilization
When to Use
  • Use before and after working, hunting, or other physically demanding activity
  • When whelping
  • When sick
  • During travelling
  • Post-surgery
  • When weaning
How to Use

K9 Restart

Mix 4 heaping tablespoons with fresh drinking water and shake well.  Give small amounts every 30 minutes while your dog is working and another portion immediately following exercise.  K9 Restart also may be sprinkled over food to encourage eating.  Always allow your dog access to fresh water after use.


Q: Are hydration products only needed when the weather is hot? When should I give my dog hydration products?
A: Hydration products are very good for dogs when the weather is hot, but it’s not the only time that they can benefit from consuming them. Interestingly, dogs are very susceptible to dehydration in the winter months as well. Due to the nature of that time of year, a lot of moisture is lost through the normal breathing process as the respiratory tract moistens the air, combined with the fact that fresh water is not as readily available. Hydration products should be given to a dog any time that the dog has been working hard or exercising, regardless of the weather conditions. Dogs are much like humans in this way – when it’s hot or when you’ve been working hard, you get thirsty. The K9 BlueLite and K9 Restart family of products provides the dog with the hydration it needs, but also gives the added benefits of electrolytes that allow for quick recovery and continued high level of performance. It is highly palatable and encourages dogs to consume the liquid and nutrients that they need.
Q: What are the differences between all TechMix canine hydration products?
A: All of the products in the K9 BlueLite and K9 Restart lines provide dogs with a source of quick energy, enzymes to help stabilize a dog’s digestive system, and balanced electrolytes to ensure absorption which promotes hydration. Some of the products are more highly concentrated than others – as a rule, anything in a powdered form will contain more highly concentrated ingredients. The primary difference is in the method of delivery, and will probably be the biggest factor in the products you choose. For example, if you are giving K9 BlueLite to twenty dogs, we’d recommend buying the 1.75 lb. jar. If you are on the road and want to have K9 BlueLite in a form that is conducive to travel, we’d recommend the K9 BlueLite Single Dose packs that can be poured into a bottle of water for convenient mixing.

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