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K9 BlueLite

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K9 BlueLite – 1.75 lb.

Hydration is the key to health and performance for dog.

K9 BlueLite® is an electrolyte that delivers multiple energy sources, key minerals and nutrients, and bacteria that help keep your dog healthy and well-hydrated. K9 BlueLite delivers vitally important energy, while keeping canine athletes adequately hydrated to perform at their best.

The key to proper hydration for dogs is that the fluids need to be “balanced” to be best-utilized by the body. While exercising, dogs need added energy and the brain needs an ample supply of carbohydrates to stay sharp in order to continue to perform at the highest level. K9 BlueLite contains a blend of carbohydrates that provides both quick and sustained energy sources for dogs of any age and activity level.

Product Features: 

Features & Benefits
  • Unique combination of electrolytes, antioxidants, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to speed recovery after strenuous exercise
  • Non-irritating buffered electrolytes and pH regulating action that helps provide optimum pH and maximize energy utilization and nutrient absorption
  • Nutrient dense with multiple energy sources to promote longer term energy availability
  • Contains beneficial bacteria to aid in digestion and to maintain intestinal health
When to Use
  • Ideal for use during extensive physical activity such as hunting, endurance trials, and sled racing
  • Whenever a quick source of energy is needed
  • When walking the dog
  • During extreme weather
  • When boarding
  • When traveling
  • After whelping
How to Use

K9 BlueLite 

Add to water. Mix thoroughly. Mix 1 scoop of K9 BlueLite in 16 ounces of drinking water for light to moderate activity. Mix 2 scoops in 16 ounces of drinking water for extreme activity level.


Q: Are hydration products only needed when the weather is hot? When should I give my dog hydration products?
A: Hydration products are very good for dogs when the weather is hot, but it’s not the only time that they can benefit from consuming them. Interestingly, dogs are very susceptible to dehydration in the winter months as well. Due to the nature of that time of year, a lot of moisture is lost through the normal breathing process as the respiratory tract moistens the air, combined with the fact that fresh water is not as readily available. Hydration products should be given to a dog any time that the dog has been working hard or exercising, regardless of the weather conditions. Dogs are much like humans in this way – when it’s hot or when you’ve been working hard, you get thirsty. The K9 BlueLite and K9 Restart family of products provides the dog with the hydration it needs, but also gives the added benefits of electrolytes that allow for quick recovery and continued high level of performance. It is highly palatable and encourages dogs to consume the liquid and nutrients that they need.
Q: What are the differences between all TechMix canine hydration products?
A: All of the products in the K9 BlueLite and K9 Restart lines provide dogs with a source of quick energy, enzymes to help stabilize a dog’s digestive system, and balanced electrolytes to ensure absorption which promotes hydration. Some of the products are more highly concentrated than others – as a rule, anything in a powdered form will contain more highly concentrated ingredients. The primary difference is in the method of delivery, and will probably be the biggest factor in the products you choose. For example, if you are giving K9 BlueLite to twenty dogs, we’d recommend buying the 1.75 lb. jar. If you are on the road and want to have K9 BlueLite in a form that is conducive to travel, we’d recommend the K9 BlueLite Single Dose packs that can be poured into a bottle of water for convenient mixing.

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