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Hydration is essential for the overall health and performance of your canine..

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Quick Energy

Fuel your canine to perform at it’s best

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Joint Health

Extra support to help maintain joint function and mobility.

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Digestive Health

Maintain health and avoid digestive upset.

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Health and Nutrition Supplements for Your Dog

Every dog has a unique personality and yet what is common to every dog is the need for supplemental nutritional support. The TechMix line of canine products offers nutrition and performance solutions for sporting dogs, competition dogs and dogs that just love to roam the home. From digestive products to hydration, energy, and joint health, dog owners will find just what their dog needs right here.

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TechMix Products:

Canine BlueLite Jar

K9 BlueLite 
Hydration is the key to health and performance for dog. K9 BlueLite is an electrolyte that delivers multiple energy sources, key minerals and nutrients, and bacteria that help keep your dog healthy and well-hydrated. K9 BlueLite delivers vitally important energy, while keeping canine athletes adequately hydrated to perform at their best.

K9 Natu-Joint

Dogs of all ages need extra support to help maintain joint function, mobility, and health. K9 Natu-Joint provides the key building blocks proven to play an important role in joint health with a combination of pharmaceutical-quality ingredients including Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM, and Hyaluronic Acid.

K9 Restart

There are times when your dog needs extra energy or help to recover. K9 Restart is the all-in-one product you can use to help make your hard-working dog its best. For the canine athlete it can be used at all stages of activity. If you are looking to prime your dog with pre-workout energy, enhance performance during a workout or maximize recovery after the activity, K9 Restart is the perfect product for your dog. For digestive issues caused by stress, travelling, or post-surgery, K9 Restart can be used to help stabilize the gut and allow it to better absorb essential nutrient